Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Ethics of Modern Day Robin Hood

Today four bank robbers were pursued by police as they drove through neighborhoods in South Los Angeles. During the pursuit, the bank robbers threw piles of money out of their car creating a huge scene while people flooded the streets the get a chance at attaining some money.

Some are saying these robbers are the modern day "Robin Hood" stealing from the rich and giving to the poor and others say that they were simply getting rid of the evidence of their crime.

The police are hoping that people will return the cash in acts of good will but I have a suspicion that they won't see much "good will" on this one.

I do not endorse robbing banks but I found this even as extremely amusing. Something about the fact that these men knew they were caught so they might as well distribute their wealth made me laugh and I secretly (secretly before I wrote this) wish I was on the side of the road catching a glimpse of this event and maybe even catching a few hundred dollars in the process.

I wonder if I would have the courage and will power to turn in any money that I found during this chase. How would you respond? 

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