Friday, January 23, 2009

Confession of a Blog-Slacker

One thing about blogs is that if they are not regularly updated then people will quit checking in on them and they drop off the radar as a blog worth reading (assuming it ever was worth reading). This reality looms over me as I feel the pressure to write something and post it regularly so that my reader does not forget about me (as if a mother could forget about her son).

But the reality is that I am currently working three jobs while still trying to be available for my wife and kids and therefore finding time to write something meaningful is at times impossible. I am thankful that I even have work so that my family eats and even pays our mortgage so for this I will never complain, but some weeks this blog will lie dormant.

I just urge my reader to remain patient, check in from time to time, and when this season passes (in the next 10-20 years), then I may have time to write more frequently with thoughts worth pondering, discussing, arguing about, etc.

Thank You and Shalom.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Questions for the New Year

In leu of making resolutions this year, I pose a few questions that I would like answered for the year...

1) How is it that I am strong enough to carry my 18 month old son in my arms but I am not strong enough to hold him down to change his diaper?

2) How can wearing socks often be the difference between my being warm or cold?

3) Why can I play basketball for 3 hours straight but if I go for a run I am ready to die after 2 minutes?

4) Why are 4 year olds so smart and inquizative and teenagers the opposite?

5) Why do dogs and kids listen so well unless they don't feel like it?

6) When the price of a barrel of oil doubles, why does the price of gas at the pump quadruple? When the price of a barrel of oil drops 70%, why does the price of gas at the pump go down 30%?

7) Is the sound of angels singing in heaven as good as the belly-laugh of a toddler?

8) How can beer and coffee taste so good when the first time you try them they taste so bad?

9) When did it become unsafe to put 6 kids in the backseat of a car without seat belts or unsafe to ride in the back of a pickup truck?

10) How is it that I was raised without computers, internet, cell phones, starbucks, and Chipotle burritos but I am not sure life would go on today without them?