Friday, April 05, 2013

Forced Simplification

I have been absent from the writing world for several months now and feel like my readers (or reader... "hi" mom) deserve an explanation.

No profound reasoning or philosophical change occurred in my life except for a case of circumstances spurring some introspection.

In early December the logic board on my laptop died leaving me with only my desktop computer in the office (I know... I am suffering like a hungry child in India). At first I thought this was a simple set back but quickly realized how much I depend on my laptop. The majority of my writing and studying is done on my laptop. Even the majority of my social media is done via my laptop therefore my ability to exaggerate the events in my life in an effort to increase my "likes" on social media has all but disappeared. Even this post is created on my wife's computer.

With this new circumstance I have been forced to simplify. Somehow now I have time for reading, time to commit to to an excersize routine, and even more time to study. My forced simplification is having some nice benefits.
At the same time, we have decided to get rid of cable and our land phone line. Again, this is not the result of a major philosophical or moral decision, but rather simply a financial decision. The beauty is I no longer find myself getting sucked into the latest happenings in the Duck Dynasty as I wander between channels during Sportcenter commercials.

Times like these for me demonstrate just how "wired" and inter-connected our modern lives have become. A little time away from the endless mounds of information forever pervading my eyes and I feel out of touch.... but it is an "out of touch" I am growing to love. Perhaps next my cell phone will break. I can only hope!