Friday, September 07, 2012

America's Problem with Food

Today I read a news article that suggests we skip certain foods if we want to avoid necessary weight gain. Maybe I am ahead of the times, but for some reason I was not surprised when the article said, "Some of the best-tasting foods are actually some of the worst in terms of fat and calories". 
Really? Could it be true that an ice cream sundae might be worse than a bowl of fresh green beans? I am shocked to hear the news that a Big Mac and fries might have more fat and calories than an apple but again, I do pride myself with being on the leading edge of scientific research. 

Perhaps this is why America leads the way as the world's most obese country. The fact that this article presumes the information given is news to someone reveals that we still have have a problem with our food intake. 

Maybe the other problem with our country's weight problem is the fact that these foods are really good. Of the 25 foods mentioned as foods we "must avoid", 19 of them made my mouth water. 
 Who could resist this? It is a hot dog (or a sausage for my non-American friends) wrapped in a pretzel. Is this why we are obese? We have high sodium and fatty meat and then make it better by wrapping it in buttery, fat filled bread. Just don't add a cheese filling or I will not contain my lust for this creation. 

How about this beauty. This basket full of fried onions and jalapenos can't be all that bad. Sure, it is 2100 calories, but these are vegetables we are talking about. We don't really have to avoid eating vegetables do we? 

Just when I thought that this ground-breaking, informative article could not divulge anymore shocking health news, it turns out that eating pre-packaged, preservative laden breakfast bread that is fried and then stuffed with brown sugar is not actually the best way to begin the day. With just 420 calories, 16g of fat, 26g of sugar, and 66g of carbs, this article suggests I may have to take these pop tarts out of my daily routine. 

So please excuse me as I take a break from writing. I am feeling hungry and my Velveeta cheese is all melted and ready to be poured over some broccoli. 

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