Sunday, September 09, 2012

How Much do You Pay for Baggage?

Many people have given up on churches because of some event in the past. Some keep attending services and/or keep leading in some capacity but with an incredible amount of bitterness or hurt from some past event. Anytime humans are involved there will be moments of disappointment and conflict but there is hope. 

I love the following from Louie Giglio as he speaks about his perspective on dealing with past conflict. 

"the truth is we all have baggage. We all lead out of disappointment in some way. There is something in the bent part of our humanness to prove something: “Well, I was hurt and disappointed, so I’m going to prove this.” Fill in the blank. 

I have some of that, but there was a point in those early days at First Baptist where it all became about Jesus for me. And when it did, everything was OK. I placed whatever baggage I carried through my Jesus filter. I settled it early on in my life that Jesus is perfect; the church is imperfect. And I still believe that. I still believe the church is jacked-up. But I have more passion for Jesus than I have baggage about the church and all its shortcomings.That’s the well I want to pull from. "

So is your understanding of Jesus bigger than your need to carry your baggage? 

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