Monday, September 17, 2012

Polar Bears Storm Wall Street

On the anniversary of the movement that's goal is to avoid going to work or class  thwart the ability for corporations to enjoy record profits without paying a larger share to the masses, protesters attempted to block all access to Wall Street.

Reports from New York say that protesters aimed to shut down wall street in order to begin the deconstruction of American Capitalism. Never mind the fact Osama Bin Laden and Al Qeada also wanted to strike a blow to wall street and bring down American capitalism, it seems like this plan is not well constructed.

Surely these protesters felt the global effects of faltering economies in Greece and Portugal but for some reason they still think destabilization in the U.S. is a good thing.

At least they have convictions and they have passion, not to mention some cool outfits. This morning they dressed in polar bear suits (presumably to go unnoticed in Lower Manhattan), they crafted colorful signs with catchy phrases such as, "Banks suck", and they attempted to prevent anyone from going to work.

Before you criticize this plan, don't forget that this is the same group that blocked our shipping ports in protest of our rising debt. If you ignore the fact that this prevented millions of dollars of exports to leave the country and it actually contributed to more debt and loss of pay for the middle class workers waiting to move these products, then the plan seems revolutionary.

I sense you are becoming condemnatory of this group so I will remind you that they are fighting for the small business owners who are not part of the 1%. I will also ask you to ignore the fact that the protesters in Oakland were so disruptive to the flow of customers near their "revolution" that several small businesses went bankrupt and had to close their doors. At least the large corporations were strong enough to continue on despite the lack of customers in that area. Oops. Disregard the previous statement about large corporations not being affected by the revolution. That is not the point.

Okay, so the planning and execution of this movement are struggling but at least they have enthusiasm.

So the next time you see someone wearing a cow costume while chanting "Death to American business", take a moment to admire their zeal and their courage for making a difference in our country. 


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The only cow I listen to says "Eat mor Chikin"

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