Thursday, May 15, 2008

Independence or Catastrophe?

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the day Israel officially became a nation. For the Israeli's they celebrate their independence but for the Palestinians living here they call this day "Catastrophe Day" when they remember the 750,000 Palestinians that were displaced 60 years ago.
Obviously this situation is quite complex and not easily solved but I can tell you that living here and being friends with people on both sides of the situation only makes matters worse. I know many Christians interpret certain scriptures that talk of Israel possessing land to be pre-requisites to the Messiah's return. This week I even heard one say that we (Christians) will stand behind Israel and help them possess their land so that we can help usher in the Messiah.
Putting all interpretation aside, I want to question anyone who feels that he or she can help usher in the Messiah. Do I support Israel's right to exist as a nation and believe that they have a role in God's plan? Yes. Do I support Palestinians and their right to fair treatment? Yes. All I want to question at this point is the mindset that says God needs us to politically maneuver in order to help His plans come to fruition. He is God and He will have his way so our job is to live our lives modeling the life and values of Jesus with everyone.


Scott said...

True Dat! And will not all mankind play a role in the "ushering in" of the Messiah just as all mankind was responsible for His horrendous yet glorious crucifixion. We are all part of His sovereign plan and whether we like it or not, we will all be used to bring Him glory. He definitely does not need our scheming to get the job done. Well said Sir!

Jon Chenot said...

Amen Ryan. Thank God that he does not wage war the way the world wages war. His ways are beyond our ways. How can we think that we are able to help God when we cannot even help the problem of our own sin?
may we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and pray for the eradication of injustice found in every nation.

Anonymous said...

Ryan I was wondering who helped God with the small task of creating the earth.gREG

Ryan said...

Scott and Jon- I thought my brothers with a "Calvanist" persuasion would enjoy the point of this post. Of course you don't have to be a Calvanist to agree with this post (I'm living proof).

Greg- No one. But now we join in the task of continuing the work.

Mike said...

Funny you should post about Man trying to bring Jesus in. I just about blew a fuse with a speaker at our church this last weekend who felt that we had the power like He-Man.

Jon Chenot said...

Who is Calvin?