Monday, May 26, 2008

The Clarity of Scripture

I don't have much to say today so I thought I would invite you to join me in a research project I am working on. If anyone can offer any intelligent remarks based on the following passage of scripture, I might even cite you in an upcoming paper.

The passage is Joshua 5:13-15. For those who do not feel like looking it up on their own I have included it here:
ויהי בהיות יהושע ביריחו
וישא עיניו וירא והנה־איש עמד לנגדו
וחרבו שלופה בידו 
וילך יהושע אליו ויאמר לו׃
             הלנו אתה אם־לצרינו
ויאמר׃ לא כי אני שר־צבא־יהוה
עתה באתי
ויפל יהושע אל־פניו ארצה 
וישתחו ויאמר לו׃
מה אדני מדבר אל־עברו
ויאמר שר־צבא יהוה אל־יהושע׃
של נעלך מעל רגלך
כי המקום אשר אתה עמד עליו קדש הוא
ויעש יהושע כן׃

Pretty clear huh?


Scott said...

While I don’t have anything overly intelligent to say regarding the passage, I will say that this has always been my favorite text in Joshua. The pre-incarnate instances of Christ have always drawn my interest in scripture. With that view in mind, I appreciate the idea of Christ’s dominion over Israel’s army and bringing them into the land he had promised them. Israel’s strength and success came not by their own hands but only though the Lord’s power and sovereignty. This idea keeps me humbled in my achievements and gives me strength when fighting personal battles.

Kevin said...

When you visit Lakewood again I hope we can have a coffee session so that you can teach me Hebrew :)

No pressure!

I'll look it up, if I have something wise I may share it.

If not then at least I may learn something.

Sara said...

I am curious why God (incarnate) delivers Jericho over to the Israelites, and yet when asked if he is FOR them or for their adversaries, He says He is for neither.