Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen

Last year we celebrated Easter Morning with our friends in Jerusalem Israel and as we sang about Jesus I couldn't help but to think what that city would have been like nearly 2000 years ago when they found His tomb empty. For some it must have brought shear terror, for some confusion, and for many it brought hope and then joy. For each response there is a story behind it. Some thought they could use their power to suppress the message of Jesus. Some thought their hate would motivate others to steer clear of this Messiah. Still others liked the teaching but loved their life too much to live it for others.
Whatever the stories were and whatever they are today, this is a day that reminds us that things like hate, oppression, power-wielding, deceitfulness, and bitterness do not win.
Love wins. It won on that day and it wins today!. I think the first verse of this song are appropriate for today.

The greatest day in history,
Death is beaten, you have rescued me,
Sing it out, Jesus is alive!
The empty cross, the empty grave,
Life eternal, you have won the day,
Shout it out, Jesus is alive!
He's alive!

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