Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ghosts (Angels) from the Past

This past week I had the privilege of officiating a wedding for two people from my church. At this event were many people from the church that I worked at before moving to Israel, most of whom I have not seen since returning to California last Fall. At one point during the reception, I was able to sit and talk with about 10 of the students from this church and just catch up with their lives and to joke around like old times.
It felt so natural to be with them and in some ways it felt as if we were never apart. I still love the people from that church and was completely blessed to reconnect with parents and students that I spent so many years walking with through all cycles of life. I am thankful for that brief moment to remember the great years I had in that church and to see all of those amazing students growing older and hopefully wiser. Small reminders of why we do what we do are always a blessing.

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Perry Hamilton said...


You will continue to live with these ghosts (angels,) for the rest of your life. God placed you where you needed to be in their lives then, and will continue to use you now, and in the future. Youth ministry is a job you never leave, the physical paycheck may vanish, but the ties never do.

Happy Easter!