Friday, April 17, 2009

For Reinhold

This video is for my friend who lives and works in Sarajevo. This video has nothing to do with him (except that he is German), but I thought it would be a good segue to simply thank him for what he does.

On my first of many trips to Bosnia after the war I was driving through Sarajevo with Reinhold when all of the sudden he turned to me and said, "Where I am?" Meaning "I'm (we are) lost". It is now a phrase I often use when I am not sure "where I am".

He is an amazing person who has given up much of his life to serve the Roma people in Bosnia.
He is a picture of Jesus... but this video is not.

Click Here for your viewing pleasure

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Andrew Michael Wiskus said...

I love it. This reminds of every time I get together with my wife's family.