Friday, July 11, 2008

Ode to Physical Labor

My family is back in America and currently staying with family for the month before we return to California and re-enter life there. Because we are not in any type of routine here it has been difficult to find time to post, check emails, or finish my last paper for Hebrew University.

The other thing that is making things difficult is the fact that I did not want to spend this month sitting around without any income so I decided to try to get work doing anything I could think of. So far I have been hired for yard work, a bathroom remodel, and cutting down and hauling away a tree. I enjoy the work and it is definitely nice to do work that can be completed and that has an end to it. After working with people that past 11 years, I have definitely seen a lot of progress in people's lives ( mine included) but it is nothing that can be measured or that ever is completed. So for the next week I will pressure wash a house, build a garden planter, install a bathroom floor, and pull weeds and then I will know the job is completed. Maybe I will even have time somewhere in there to post something more meaningful.


Kevin said...

maybe onedurr painting is hiring for the month?

Scott said...

Welcome to the life of a "tent maker".