Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Next Week

This is my last week in Washington before I return to California for a new chapter in my life that is sure to hold as many unexpected twists and turns as the past few years. It is amazing how quickly time has gone by since returning to America. As I mentioned before, I have been picking up odd jobs everywhere I can find them and I was unable to find time for much else. It has been a good month of hard work, of family time, of a few rounds of golf, of some study time, and a little relaxation.

On Saturday of this week, I will be back in California (along with our new dog) and I will begin a frantic 4 day house preparation for the rest of the family that will fly in on Wednesday. Hopefully at that point I will be able to enter into a normal schedule that will allow me to post some thoughts and share our new journey with all who read.

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Kevin said...

Sorry we didn't get to have coffee. Bad timing and busy schedules. I will look you up if I am in Southern California.