Monday, April 03, 2006

Beware of the Youth Pastor

I just came across this great article courtesy of my friend Perry (ex-youth pastor).
Violent Youth Pastor
I don't see what the big deal is. So a youth pastor basically beat down a kid and kicked him in the crotch. That sounds like a perfectly effective technique in Christian discipleship. If those students think they can defeat their youth pastor in a sport, the whole system will be thrown into chaos and the impact this guy can have on impressionable lives will be lost.

Normally I just leave my sarcasm as is, but lest some of you think I am serious about this and turn me into the police, I must say that this youth pastor is a nut. Of course any of us who work with students as teachers, principals, counselors, coaches, or pastors have days when we wouldn't mind "knocking some sense into our favorite students", but we never know if a kind comment or response is the only one that particular kid might ever get so we must use restraint. What helps me maintain composure is thinking of the need we all have to be accepted by someone and not put down in front of peers.... Also, I make sure that I never lose when competing, even if that means I have to cheat.

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