Monday, March 27, 2006

On the Final Four

I know that most people reading this don't actually care about sports but I couldn't resist. I am not even going to have the courtesy to explain the sports jargon in this post. I am just going to write as if you are all informed and can track with me.

This year's NCAA tournament has been great and it has sucked. Most of the games have come down to the last few seconds and many even into overtime. Tons of lower seeds have upset the higher seeds and have made great stories. The problem is that now that the final four is set, who really cares? LSU is a good story because they are from Louisiana and everyone still feels bad from Katrina but no one outside of LA care about this basketball team. George Mason is a good story because they are a number 11 seed that somehow made their way into the semi-finals but who even know where George Mason University is located? I think it is somewhere near D.C. but I will never need to know that again because they will never reach this level in sports again. Florida is a legitimate team to reach the final four and the only one I picked correctly, but their coach looks like a pretty boy who probably always got his way in life. He just has the look of a spoiled kid so I really don't want to see them win. UCLA is the only saving grace for this tournament and the reason is that they are a basketball school from an actual large market city. If it wasn't for UCLA I think the ratings for this upcoming weekend's games will reach an all time low.

So here's the story. I only picked 37 of the 63 games correctly. I picked UCONN to beat UW but I cheered for UW because that is where I got my undergrad degree. UW should have fouled UCONN and I think they would be in the Final Four.

Duke looked awful in the tournament and proved that having some of the best players means nothing in college.

Gonzaga should be in the Final Four but played like junior high students and panicked when they clearly had the game won. Adam Morrison is a great player but is one of the ugliest basketball players I have ever seen. That should help him though because ugly, white basketball players are usually good. (i.e. Larry Bird, Kevin McCale, Kurt Rambis, Jason Kidd [half-white])

I think this whole tournament should be played again and we will see four new teams reach the finals with a whole new set of stories. All in all, my brackets sucked but it was cool. That is the great thing about college basketball. It is a bunch of kids who love to play and who make it fun for us all to watch.


Mike said...

I followed you right up to the names of the players. Then I got lost. But then "March Madness", what can I say but bfd.

Steve said...

You know I love it Ryan...

March Madness is a microcosm for life. It's what makes life worth living. Heroes, goats, winners, losers.... cinderallas and favorites.... what else could you want?

Basketball is paralleled by no other sport on earth. You must be a complete athlete to play it unlike most other sissy sports like golf, baseball and yes, football..... if football was a real man's sports there would be no breaks, you'd play it like rugby or Australian pads. Woosies! :-)

Adam Morrison choked down the stretch but UCLA has proven as a team of destiny thus far in the tourney. JJ Reddick choked even bigger. But's thats what makes the NCAA tourney better than any other sport spectacle. On any given night, any team can pull it together and triumph or fall apart and choke. There are no sure things. Just like life!

Ryan said...

College basketball is fun... but you try and hit a major league fastball you sissy.

Steve said...

Yeah - but you don't have to be in shape to do it... sure your hand/eye coordination must be excellent, but you can be a fat slob and still perform decently at the major league level.

Seriously.. all you have to do is look at Tony Gwynn and Babe Ruth.... fat dudes!

After second thought, maybe I do like baseball best... a guy like me might have a chance.