Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stupid Business People

A few posts ago I poked fun at "Christian Leaders" who have called for boycotts of stores that say "Happy Holidays" instead of Merry Christmas. If stores really think they will attract more business by not saying "Merry Christmas", then go right ahead; it doesn't bother me. At least it didn't bother me. Until today when I saw a commercial that used the Christmas song, "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" in the background. The problem is that the song was changed and now says, "We Wish You a Happy Holiday".
Do these marketers really think this is such a big issue that now they will try to change every Christmas... sorry, every Holiday song so that there is no mention of Christmas at all? Do these marketers realize how completely ridiculous this sounds? Do they realize that they are going the extra mile to avoid talking about the very event that they are marketing? Are these stores willing to give up Christmas promotions all together? How about telling shoppers, "This business does not believe in Christmas so please only do regular shopping here".
A friend of mine runs a site called, Stupid Church People. This site is not anti church-people, it is a place that talks about how foolish some things in the church can look to those standing on the outside and ways the church can be more relevant. After seeing today's commercial, I am inclined to start a site called Stupid Business People. It is for those businesses that actually think more people will shop there if they take a stand against Christmas.
But I don't feel like starting this site... mainly because it would probably be boring. So what I do propose is that all Christians now embrace and overuse the phrase, "Happy Holidays". Except when using it, I want all Christians to focus on the fact that this word is from the Latin and does mean "Holy Days". Not necessarily holy in a spiritual sense, but simply meaning days that are set apart. So as Christians, let us say "Happy Holidays... days that are set apart from the rest. Days that we can focus on the great news that God came to us. That His love results in His wanting to be with us! I wish you the best of holy- days." Maybe if Christians could be as annoying with the use of "Holidays" as we are with things like "the Passion of the Christ" or "Narnia", then these businesses would just give up the foolishness and go on with business as usual.

Now for a side note.... I went ahead and took the liberty to change a few songs so that they don't say Christmas:
O Holiday Tree, O Holiday Tree, how lovely are your branches....
Have yourself a happy little holiday....
It's beginning to look a lot like holidays, everywhere we go....
I'm dreaming of a white holiday.... (Is this racist?)
Put on your yarmulka, and celebrate holidays.... (Not a Christmas song, but the same point)

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Toshio said...

I'm dreaming of a white holiday
^Ryan that is so racist... haha just kidding
And people are goin crazy about this thing about "acceptance" and "oh if you use merry christmas you are promoting only the christian religion and what will the other religions do?" many teachers and other ppl have said that to me and i think its ridiculous in the sense that its totally OK when they mention hannukah or quansa or some other religions holiday they totally respect their beliefs... but when it comes to Christmas we have to say happy holidays or else we r being untolerant. Well have as Ryan said a holy day.