Sunday, December 18, 2005

Let the Angel's Wings Cover You

Today's post is in honor of my grandmother who died two weeks ago. The past three years she lived in great pain and suffering and is now freed from all of it. She lived a tough life of farming in Northern Minnesota. She lost her two sons in separate tragic accidents and lived her final years questioning God. I believe she is now in Heaven having all of her doubts answered and all of her pain removed. For her I will write selections from a song by Brave Saint Saturn...

... isn't it just like me, to mourn her passing death
when she will never suffer anymore,
beautiful her pictures, fading black and silver...

she fought to stay, but always dreamed that she could leave this place.

Let the Angel's wings, cover you tonight, hallelujah
Rest your head, against the breast of Christ, hallelujah

See you again someday grandma!

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