Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day Two: The Little Things

Day two. 
In Texas where everything is big, you have to look for the little things to make your day. When you start off in Amarillo and know you and your three boys will drive 520 miles across parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri you try to savor every positive moment. With this in mind I was delighted to find the complimentary breakfast at our 1 star hotel included a waffle maker that made Texas-shaped waffles (positive moment number one). If that is not a sign of God's favor upon us, I don't know what is. 

With our bellies filled with Texas smothered in syrup we loaded up the RV and were on our way. Today is a travel day so we settled in for the road ahead. 

Another delightful surprise was found in the town of Shamrock, TX. I was attracted by the "Historic Route 66" signs and the shameless "As seen in the movies" signs calling all travelers to drop in. (If you want to properly travel across the country shameless tourists traps should always peak your interest.)

We discovered the one building in Shamrock that was built in 1936 and was used as a model for the movie, "Cars" (positive moment number two). Sadly, nowhere in town sold bumper stickers or magnets of Texas and Route 66 so our time in Texas ended slightly incomplete but luckily, Oklahoma awaited our arrival.

The highlight of Oklahoma was a stop in front of the state sign (positive moment number three). The boys climbed on the sign, the tree beside the sign, and they caught grasshoppers before getting back into the RV. Nothing else happened in the entire state of Oklahoma. Because our goal was to cover ground I will try to not pass judgement on the entire state for the lack of interesting stops along the way. (On a practical note, there are no easy stops for gas or food on Interstate 44 from Tulsa to the Missouri border. Seriously, there are none.) 

We crossed the border into Missouri (and took our photo), then took the first exit and drove a half mile into the state of Kansas so we could say we've been there... because we could (positive moment number four). Back into Missouri and we were in our campsite within thirty minutes. I booked our spot at this RV park a week earlier by sending one email and no deposit and received the response, "Gotcha down" from a guy named Rick.

 We arrived at our site, jumped in the pool, and met Rick (positive moment number five). 

Five solid positive moments on a day that included driving over 500 miles through cowboy country is a great day in my book. I am grateful for my great family and the opportunity to take adventures such as this. 

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