Saturday, October 20, 2012

Forcing Fall

I love this time of year when the colors on the trees come alive and the cold northern air pushes the last remaining signs of summer away for a long winter break. I love the sounds of football games and the smells of leaves as they fall from the trees declaring that it is time for a wardrobe change.

I also love the succession of holidays that we celebrate in America that crescendo with Christmas and encore with New Year Day.  Every month we have at least one celebration that serve as mile-markers on the road of old memories of childhood and new memories we create with our own kids.

Sometimes the California weather doesn't cooperate in sharing the tangible signs of the season. This year in San Diego we have had one of the hottest Autumns on record so instead of warming up with a book and some spiced cider, I have been cooling off with a daily surf session. (I know you are feeling great heartache over this difficult problem I am dealing with but don't worry, I will endure).

The solution to dealing with the recalcitrant weather is to force the season and pretend that Fall is here.

So yesterday we headed off to a local farm for our annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch. Though our boys are getting older and at least one of them is beginning to question whether he should still be participating in this ritual, we forced them into the car, endured the half hour of fighting that came with the drive, and made them pose for photos that make their mother very happy.

The truth is that the family had a great time (though we did need to cool off with some ice cream). It confirms that keeping traditions even as the boys grow older is a fight worth fighting for. Even when they think they can convince us that they are too old for these holidays we know that this isn't the truth because my wife and I are not too old. My guess is that like most things, they will look back with memories much more positive than what they let on.

Besides, without a stroll through the pumpkin patch we may not be able to convince San Diego that Fall is here.

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