Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time for Lent

If you observe Lent this year will it be a meaningful time where you will make a sacrifice and draw closer to God? Will it be an opportunity for you to remember your weaknesses and your utter need for a God who loves you despite yourself? Or, are you using this season as an opportunity to lose some weight, break a bad habit, or simply to impress those around you?
The reality is that many of us end up using this season to show devotion to God and to get something in return. This is the core of who we are as people. Even in our moments of well intentioned devotion we somehow find ways to make sure it benefits us. I know this is the pattern in my life. When I act humbly I hope to reap the respect of others. When I give of myself to benefit another, I hope God writes it down or at least someone mentions how great I am. When I sacrifice something for God, I secretly hope God repays me for being such a great guy.
I believe Lent is a great season and comes with many benefits that are holy and pure and I believe there is value in participating in this discipline. My hope this year is that I and all who observe Lent can truly find a time of re-connecting with God because He is good and worthy of our devotion. I pray this season is about our Creator and not about what we get from it. 

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