Monday, January 04, 2010

2009 In Review

* Our new church began meeting in a semi-permanent location
* I baptized 4 people during our Easter Service
* Camped in the Sequoia Forest
* Traveled to Washington State with family
* Traveled to D.C. Baltimore, Virginia, N&S Carolina with Sara
* Checked off two more baseball stadiums on list (D.C. and Baltimore)
* Kids made it to 4th grade and 1st grade
* 12th wedding anniversary
* Only completed about 17 books (I think)
* Watched my dog die
* Began learning German

I did not:
* Complete about a dozen other books laying around the house
* improve my Hebrew as much as desired
* Complete my review of Basic Greek
* Complete writing goals
* Sleep

My "bucket list" for the year is coming soon. I don't make resolutions... just bucket lists in case this be my last year.


Kevin said...

You should visit Washington more often!

And what is your current baseball stadium list?

Ryan said...

baseball stadiums:
Angels, Dodgers, A's, Giants, M's, OLD Padres, Royals, Old Cardinals, Twins, Old Brewers, Cubs, White Sox, Old Tigers, Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Expos, Orioles, Nationals, Braves, Diamondbacks

Need: Rockies, New Padres, New cardinals, brewers, new tigers, Indians, Reds, Pirates, Phillies, Rays, Marlins, Braves, new mets, new yankees, astros, rangers