Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time Travel

Life is filled with moments of great joy and great pain. Some would even argue that without one we really don't have the other. Without hate how could we know love, without dark how would we recognize light, and without pain how could we feel joy?
As for me I think I would skip the pain in life if I could but this, of course, doesn't work.

This past weekend my boys and I had the unfortunate experience of watching our idiot dog run across a busy street and then run back towards us. Just before he made it back he was struck by a car and died 2 hours later. As of 930 AM on Saturday I had three happy boys who just rode bikes with me to a donut shop and one very happy dog who ran with us the entire way. By noon, the mood was somber, our dog was gone, and the vet bill was piling up by the second. To add insult to injury the lady who hit him tracked us down two days later saying her car was damaged and she is hassling us and our insurance agent multiple times per day.

I really don't need much right now, but if any of you know someone who has a time machine I would like to borrow it. I will hold Miki's leash (that was attached to his collar as he dashed across the street) and then I will give the machine back. That's all.


Lynn said...

You have experienced something that (sadly) you will never forget. Bob recounts the story that he experienced the same thing when he was 6 years old and remembers it as if it were yesterday. I too saw a pet dog leave earth at the car of someone not paying attention and remember it well. I am not going to be cliche and say "you'll get over it and it'll be fine", because, frankly I don't think we ever can. Such love they give us. Yes we were lucky to have that love and for that we are grateful. If only people could love like that!

So, whats it mean? Hard to say except if we search for meaning maybe all we can get is a lesson for our youth. That being, one can listen to parents, clergy, authority all of the time; one can be well trained in what to do and what is right and what is wrong. Then comes that one time; that one temptation, and we bite. It only takes one time.

By the way, it wasn't your fault, you know. You can play that "I should have" game for months if you want to, but the ending will aways be the same. Heck, if I hadn't gotten the dog you wouldn't be in this mess now, so, technically, its my fault.

As for the woman who was driving; The world is full of self-centered egotists that are looking for a free ride. She is obviously trying to dispose of her guilt by blaming you and the dog for her not paying attention. Tell her I will take care of it when I get down there. I would love to "discuss" the issue with her face to face. Dad

Kevin said...

Wow, most the time its the people with the pet suing the driver.

The Van Hulle Family said...

I have been following your blog for months so I do hope that it is ok that I post a comment.

I just want to say how sorry I am for your lose. We recently had to put our beloved sheltie to sleep and though the pain is still there we can now talk about our wonderful Princess without bursting into tears (I wrote about it on our family blog). I feel that our pets are a wonderful part of the family and when they go it is just as painful as having a human family member pass. I told our daughters grieve as long as you need one day that pain will be diminished.

As for the lady who hit your beloved pet and is now being ugly. This may sound strange but I will pray for her. I think her guilt must be so strong that she does not know how to act.

Thank you for letting me share some of my thoughts. Blessings on you and your family!

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