Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Radical Minimum Standards

What if everyone who said they followed Jesus lived by a radical minimum standard? Could we all think like this...

"I had entered the kingdom believing that every believer lived by a radical minimum standard and lived for the expansion of the kingdom of God. The standard was no extraordinary thing, just ordinary Christianity. To hear the voice of God, to be led by God's Spirit, to be God's witness among the nations, and to see God's power translate into the transformation of the human heart- this was our one calling" - E. McMannus in "The Unstoppable Force"


Kevin said...

We would be bored out of our minds because for once we would not be entertaining ourselves but we would actually have to follow Jesus and be selfless.

Why can't we give our life to Jesus and do a few things to follow him just enough to still be Christians but not so far so that we can't be like the rest of the world?

(sarcasm) but not far from the truth.

Kevin said...

I will be in San Diego June 22nd! Any suggestions? I will be staying in LA that week as well.