Friday, May 22, 2009


This is me... venting.

We recently got news that if we refinance our home loans we will save about $300 per month! The problem is that we have never missed a payment, our credit scores are in the 800's, our loan to value ratio is 65-35 (which is great) but our income is too low this year to qualify for loans we already have. The banks told us that we could save a lot of money and even though we have 10 consecutive years of paying our home loans on time, we can't be trusted. We were also told that if we default on our loans we would be able to refinance for a much lower rate immediately.
In other words, because we can be trusted to make our payments, they cannot trust that we will make our payments at a lower rate.
If we prove that we can't be trusted at our current rate, they will trust us with a lower rate.

We also got news this week that several companies we deal with announced 20% rate increases. This is primarily because too many people are not paying their bills. So, those of us who sacrifice and do all we can to stay on top of all the changes are asked to pay more.

Now do you see why God wanted a year of Jubilee every 50 years? Everything resets so that greedy bastards do not get rewarded too much and so that people who work hard but have to make tough decisions to support their family don't get pushed down too low. Of course this only works in a society that all believe in this system and who do not take advantage of its weaknesses... in other words, it would never work in America.


Mike said...

It didn't work then either. said...

It's scarey situation.
I just recently spoke with someone who is perfectly capable of making their payment, but were instucted to stop in order to get the lower rate.
Another person told me they defaulted on one of their 6 rental homes which is upside down and the interest rates on all of their properties including their home was reduced to something ridiculous, like 2%!
Don't even get me started about student loans!!
Shame on us who've paid our bills and taken responsiblity seriously.