Monday, March 30, 2009


This year our church community is taking the Lent challenge to identify in the sufferings of Jesus as well as to have a tangible reminder to pray for each other and our community.

In addition to my usual giving up of hard liquor, tobacco, and "Gossip Girls" re-runs, I am abstaining from Mochas and Soda (pop for those of you outside of California). I did a similar fast in years past but I must confess that this year I did not add beer to my Lent list (Lord, increase my faith).

It has been fun for me to hear from others in our church community who are participating in this ancient fast and the experiences they are having. I think many who are from evangelical Christian backgrounds have never been given this challenge so it is encouraging to see them joining in so whole-hearted. Even with their ambitious spirit I have noticed that each one ends his/her Lent stories with, "I can't wait for this to be over".

Perhaps the most entertaining of all is from the kids who are a part of our church. They too have been given this challenge and they have created a new word called, "Lenting". For example, the other day one of my boys said he was "lenting" google earth and one other informed us that he was "lenting" school. He thought that was a worthy sacrifice for his LORD so I kind of feel bad that I am not supporting his passion. Now if I could just get them to "lent" fighting or waking up before 7AM, then we would be on to something.


LC3 said...
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Kevin said...

I need to remember to log out of other accounts before I as I was trying to say! :)

I am choosing to participate again this year yet I am changing the dates. So I guess this means I am just fasting eh?

And on the beer subject, I was wondering if you knew of any place down there that serves Belgium beer, if so you should find and try Duvel and Piraat.