Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Questions for the New Year

In leu of making resolutions this year, I pose a few questions that I would like answered for the year...

1) How is it that I am strong enough to carry my 18 month old son in my arms but I am not strong enough to hold him down to change his diaper?

2) How can wearing socks often be the difference between my being warm or cold?

3) Why can I play basketball for 3 hours straight but if I go for a run I am ready to die after 2 minutes?

4) Why are 4 year olds so smart and inquizative and teenagers the opposite?

5) Why do dogs and kids listen so well unless they don't feel like it?

6) When the price of a barrel of oil doubles, why does the price of gas at the pump quadruple? When the price of a barrel of oil drops 70%, why does the price of gas at the pump go down 30%?

7) Is the sound of angels singing in heaven as good as the belly-laugh of a toddler?

8) How can beer and coffee taste so good when the first time you try them they taste so bad?

9) When did it become unsafe to put 6 kids in the backseat of a car without seat belts or unsafe to ride in the back of a pickup truck?

10) How is it that I was raised without computers, internet, cell phones, starbucks, and Chipotle burritos but I am not sure life would go on today without them?

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