Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

We are away for a couple days due to the "Purim" Holiday here in Israel. This is basically the holiday that remembers the events of the book of Esther. It has become a holiday that basically allows people to go a bit crazy here. There is actually a Rabiinical law that has been passed (not national law) that says that you must get so drunk that you cannot tell the righteousness of Mordecai from the wickedness of Haman. As a result, the country has a day or two of complete drunkeness, loud music/ partying, and most people dressed in costumes. As I write this quick update I see a man wearing a short skirt and high heals all in honor of the Jews lives being spared thousands of years ago.
I will tell you more about it later and hopefully even have some photos of ultra-orthodox Rabbis cross-dressing!

In the meantime, my family decided that we did not want the craziness of Purim to interfere with the joy of Easter so we left Jerusalem where the partying is at its worse and decided to spend a few days on the Red Sea.
Perhaps this year as the Jews celebrate their lives being spared, Christians should do the same because that is what Jesus made possible through his death and resurrection. So I will give a real post next week so until then celebrate the life that is possible to you through Jesus.

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