Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The season of lent is upon us once again and, unlike last year, I have chosen to give up a few things that are a bit more difficult for me. Last year I successfully abstained from things like jogging, green beans, and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer but this year I will take it to a new level.
I have decided to give up drinking soda for this period of 40 days. It is not like I drink soda everyday but something about giving it up makes me want it more often. So, to this point giving up something out of dedication to God is serving as a reminder of how often I want things my own way.
Each time I think about having a soda I stop and remember that I am but dust and am in total need of God's work in my life. I recommend that you choose to give something up during this time of lent and each time you crave that thing take a moment to express your commitment to God and to remember your place with Jesus Christ.


Mike said...

Indeed. For example in the time it takes to write this, I have had to ask/thank God for the strength to not run over to target or the dip coffee bar once for each word. Jeeze I miss the mocha/coke.

Kevin said...

I like your list for items last year-very funny. Perhaps this year it would be micro-brews.