Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Job for Idiots

The other day I was talking with a group of High School students in my church. One of them asked where I work and what I do. Another student quickly jumped to my defense and said something like, "He is your youth pastor (idiot)". She then responded by saying, "But you have your Master's Degree, why are you a youth pastor? I thought being a youth pastor was for stupid people."
I was actually flattered that she thought I was too smart to be a youth pastor... I think.
Some would say that this is a job only for fools. Some would say that this is a waste of time. Some would say that I could make more money and "be more successful" if I had a real job. Sometimes they might even be right.
The bottom line is that I like what I do, my family has a place to live and food to eat everyday, and every once in a while I see some change in a life that makes this worth while.
So here's to all the idiots out there who waste their time working with youth. Here's to all of us who wasted money on college and books. Here's to all of us who should be wasting our time as lawyers, and marketing directors. Here's to all of us idiots who have to go on snowboard and wakeboard trips for our job. Here's to all of us fools who travel the world as we lead the youth into new lands in an effort to teach service and sacrifice. Here's to all of us fools who can laugh and have fun with our jobs... who wear shorts to work... who are forced to stay in touch with technology... who drive church vans and buses... who bring kids to the beach for work... who go to all the football games... who know the principals at the local schools... who know the local detention center workers... who still like pizza and captain crunch... who still get in trouble with parents... who can leave work to see our own kids' school plays... who are known in our local coffee shops... who get to see students turn their lives around for the better... who live for something bigger than ourselves... who just aren't smart enough to do anything else!


Mike said...


Perry said...

Worth every minute.

Thedavidsoftulsa said...

Brilliant Post.

TK said...

Hey Ryan,

found you via stupid church people. Love the post. I left the corporate world after 10 years to hang out with middle school and high school kids.

From one idiot to another,


Kevin said...

Thanks for making the decision to do what you do. I know I appreciated it and many will in the future as well! Keep running the race!

Ryan said...

Mike- I will.
Perry- Almost every minute.
The David of Tusla.- Thanks.
Tk- Welcome idiot.
Kevin- You are welcome. It is good to see some positive results sometimes. Thanks for being a positive result.