Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Sampling

A little more than a year ago my wife and I wrote lists of things we want to do in life. (I have discussed these lists before so I won't go into detail here). As you know, my list is ridiculously long so I had to divide it into sections. I thought I would share a section here today. This list is constantly growing so this is subject to change...

1. Eat Big Animals in Africa (So far I have tried elephant, all varieties of antelope, wildebeest, ostrich, and crocodile)
2. Eat lobster in Maine (Done)
3. Eat Sashimi in Japan (Not done in Japan yet)
4. Eat a Passover meal in Jerusalem (Not done)
5. Eat alligator in Florida (Done in New Orleans so it counts I guess)
6. Eat something crazy in Africa (Do grasshoppers count??? See picture here
7. Have a Beverage and bratwurst in Germany during Ocktoberfest (Done but not during the right festivities).
8. Bangers and Mash in smoky English Pub (Too many to count)
9. Creme Brule' and Crepes in Paris (Done with my wife!)
10. Cappucinno in Italy (Done in Venice on a canal during sunrise... pretty tough to beat that one)
11. Seafood in Boston (Best place for seafood I have ever found)
12. Kangaroo or something "Outbacky" in Australia (Not done)
13. Pickled Herring in Scandinavia (Actually having this in Minnesota is more than enough... Disregard)
14. Real tacos in Mexico (Hundreds so far... and still counting)
15. Sheep in New Zealand (Next year)

Many more food experiences have already been done or will be done but these are the cliche' ones that made the list. Any ideas that I should add?


Mike said...

I notice there is nothing from Russia. What's up with that? Something like, a morning cup with Toelstoy or Chekhov on a street cafe in St. Petersburg.

Tim said...

There is nothing wrong with pickled herring. You take that back.

ninjanun said...

I thought it was illegal to eat something like elephant. Aren't they an endangered species?

Ryan said...

Mike, That sounds good... or maybe some reindeer meat.
Tim, You're right, there is nothing wrong with it as long as you don't eat it.
Nun, Welcome back. Actually, elephant is illegal to hunt for the ivory but the meat is available especially in the form of jerky. I'm not sure when it is legal to kill elephants but I wasn't the one doing the killing.

Mike said...

Didn't you do reindeer meat in Norway?