Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Joy of Malaria Medicine

This week I will head to Uganda on a quick trip to set up some details for future projects. The thing about going to this part of Africa that I love (other than the traveling, the people, and the culture) is the malaria medicine.

My doctor always prescribes the medicine that is known to produce paranoia and intense vivid dreams. He says the side effects will actually help me be closer to normal. I actually think this is the only medicine my insurance will cover, but after taking these pills the first time, they are the ones I request. It takes about a week or two of taking them for the effects to begin, but when the dreams start coming it is well worth it.

I know this sounds like a strange thing to look forward to but I sleep so soundly that I rarely ever remember dreams. And for me, the more intense the dreamm, the better. Dreams where I fall from high places probably rank at the top for me and dreams where I am being chased come in a close second. So here's hoping for some intense vivid dreams!

Have a great week wherever you may be and I hope to return with reports of a great trip and some fun dreams.


Mike said...

I think it is the only time you get to re-live your jr high days, legally. Have fun.

Kevin said...

Hey Ryan,

Just one of your old time jr. high brats dropping by and saying hello. Of course now I am 23 and work with the same ol brats, sometimes with mike.

95 was a good year.

-Kevin Klas