Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#Binders of Women

Last night at our second presidential debate the challenger Mitt Romney once again appeared disconnected with his comments about fighting for equal pay for women. Overall he mostly held his own but this morning one issue is all that people are speaking about. 

When asked about how he would help equally qualified women receive pay equal to that of men he floundered, looking for a response. He said when he was Governor of Massachusetts his staff struggled to initially find any qualified women for cabinet positions. He then said he told his staff to find some women to interview so they brought him a "binder full of women". 
As parents, we teach our boys that having a "binder full of women" is not respectful thing to do and that it actually promotes inequality by objectifying women. We even have software on computers to prevent our boys from creating virtual "binders full of women". 

Or maybe he was referring to some other type of binder... either way, Mitt probably lost some women's votes with that story. At least the "boys" at the country club can relate. 

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