Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Want Our Empty Promises Too!

One frustrating thing about living in California during a presidential election is that we are completely ignored. Our state typically votes for the Democrats so neither party takes the time to campaign here. 

On one hand, it is nice that we do not have to endure campaign ads on the television and radio but on the other hand I wonder how democratic it really is to focus presidential campaigns on the issues that are only pertinent to a few states. 

I see grand promises each candidate has for creating 12,000,000 jobs for factory workers in Ohio, free drugs (prescription drugs) for retired people in Florida, increased home prices for the people of Nevada, and promises of Super Bowl victories for the people of Wisconsin. I may have exaggerated those promises a bit but that is how these candidates behave during the campaign season.
I guess I am just jealous. I want some empty promises given to the 38 million people who live in California (which is more than 12% of our country). I would like to hear that all of the 2.2 million unemployed people in California will get jobs building solar panels and silicone, I mean silicon products. Is that so hard to say considering this represents the entire population of Nevada and half of the population of Wisconsin? 

After some job promises, how about guaranteeing free tuition to students in California, free electric vehicles to everyone who drives a truck with a "Hemi" engine,  and tax credits for exercising regularly and eating whole grains and nuts. 

Our system doesn't work that way so I will happily press on knowing my vote for president is more of an act of futility than an act of democracy... but since we are not a battleground, why should it be any other way? 

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