Thursday, September 06, 2012

Using God to Win Votes

This year the Democratic National Convention put forward the official party platform and for the first time, removed all language about belief in God.
When asked if God was intentionally removed from the platform or if it was an accident, one party chair kept saying, "These are our convictions". In other words, the official platform did not want to mention belief in a God or the conviction that the existence of a Divine Being gives us shared values.

Though I believe the United States was founded by people who believed in God and wanted this country to give some evidence of that belief, I am not all that offended of the DNC's omission. I actually was glad that they put an honest display of where they really stand.... until yesterday.

Word got out that the DNC intentionally omitted God and voters in states that will make a difference in the upcoming election began moving away from the party that did not believe God exists or that this belief should influence decisions.

Yesterday, when the convention was somewhat empty, they voted to change their position. Actually, it appears that they voted to not change their position but because the chairman knew this was a major problem, they changed their position anyway.

Herein lies the problem with the United States campaign season. Politicians make promises that our system will never allow them to accomplish and they become "all things to all people". The truth is that most of this country's top politicians use their belief in God to win votes, but not to lead their lives and their decisions.

Because I believe God has called His followers to represent His image, I admire candidates who are led by those convictions. This means we are called to help the orphans and widows. We reach out to the poor and the oppressed. We walk in forgiveness and a desire to create unity. Yes... I believe it also values the sanctity of life (but if you want these children born into the world, you better adopt them, and shower these babies AND the mothers with your love, support, and finances).

This year the Presidential campaign is the opposite of seeing people who believe in God and allow that conviction to guide them. Yesterday's vote by the DNC demonstrates that God wins votes but, in politics, doesn't always change lives. This is an embarrassment.

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